In this age of “big data” infographics have proven to be a valuable marketing tool. A mixture of design, text and analysis; infographics enable the reader by allowing them to understand complex information presented in “bite size” visual chunks.

We are visual creatures

Did you know that up to 90% of all the information our brain has to process is visual? Presenting data as an infographic is more appealing to the reader than pages of text and images. Through the use of colours, lines, shapes and symbols relatively large amounts of data can be communicated and easily absorbed.

Memorable, shareable & linkable

It has been reported that we only remember about 20% of what we read compared to recalling on average 80% of what we encounter as visual imagery; infographics are memorable!

Effective infographics are shared via social media and become “viral” far more frequently than items comprised of regular text content. After publication, because code is then shared this allows the reader to embed the infographic within their own website. This in turn creates an automatic link between their site and yours; resulting in a boost to your visitor numbers.

Easier to understand

When data is broken down and presented in an attractive format it eradicates boredom and misunderstanding and makes even complex ideas accessible to everyone.

Brand Awareness

Adding your logo and web address to an infographic is a simple yet effective means of generating a greater “Brand Awareness”. As more people view and share your infographic the flow of traffic to your website will also increase.

Shows an expert understanding of a subject

The information and statistical data which can be incorporated into an infographic will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and enables you to convey this expertise to a huge audience. With an infographic the world is your oyster. Unlike material produced and circulated in paper form, infographics can be shared worldwide with one click.

Attractive content

In an online world where attractive content is a must and diversity thrives; infographics are a creative and exciting way to share content and engage and inform the viewer.