Case study; Investor pitch deck for tech startup

Startup company seeking investment for a clever piece of software that allows people to book travel on existing websites. Name, logo and text has been removed due to the information being private. The company is currently conducting private pilot programs.
Industry: Technology / Travel

The Objective:

Create a winning pitch deck (in PowerPoint). The original presentation was flat, it needed some life bring to the design. The product is clever and sophisticated so the deck needed to reflect that whilst maintaining a sleek professional look that would impress potential investors.

The Background:

A new company with a freshly designed logo that had not yet been applied to any marketing material such as a PowerPoint template.

The Solution:

My first task was to take their new logo and develop it into a PowerPoint template. I started by sourcing some photos from Adobe Stock, experimenting with fonts and creating a few icons that help sum up the key elements of their service. The next task involved reducing the text and replacing it with images or icons where possible. Finally the presentation needed to be polished and consistent.

The Result:

The final presentation was delivered as a ready to go pitch deck, including a slide master template to use for other presentations in the future.

The Cover

I created a clean and simple cover slide for the pitch deck, using their logo, tagline and a background image that reflected the deck’s messaging.


This pitch deck contained some sensitive financial information and it was going to be emailed out as a PDF, so it needed a disclaimer slide. Most pitch decks don’t require this, the information in the deck is often an estimate of what you believe your business will do.

The Problem

The problem could be divided into three issues. Icons are an effective way to highlight text and reinforce an idea, so I created three icon to reflect each issue that made up the overall problem.

The Solution

The solution to this problem was a simple bit of code embedded on existing websites. I kept this slide simple making the message look like a piece of html code.

(Usually there would be a Product slide following on from The Solution slide, yet the solution for this start-up was their bit of code so the Product slide wasn’t required.)

Value Proposition

Here, I simplified the value of the product with a strong statistic and icon.

Market Size

I used icons to help convey the figures for the market size. This slide uses more text then I’d recommend but there was quite a lot of information that needed to be presented. I reduce the text and replaced it with icons where possible.

The Team

This slide highlights the key team members. With a more experienced team it would be nice to add logos of the companies they’ve worked at along with a brief description of their successes. Alternatively, icons could be used to highlight the key expertise that they bring to the table.

Our Advisors

The startup team lacked experience so they wanted to include an Advisors slide to show that they have the advice of a senior and experienced team of professionals.

Testimonial Quote Slide

The team had tested their product on a website and had a great result. I included a short quote and image of the CEO.

The Pilot

The team had just launched their pilot, so I created a slide outlining the details.