I am often asked how the process works when you hire me for a project. So I created an infographic outlining the basic steps of completing a project, from the initial briefing to the delivery of the final files.

Project Briefing

Here’s your chance to give me an overview of what you need. Email me a brief outline of what you’re after, and then we can discuss the brief further on a call. I’ll need to ask a few questions about your business and find out in detail what you hope to achieve with the new designs. We will also have the opportunity to discuss budget, costs and timelines.


I usually charge by the hour, but each project is different and some require a fixed price.
Pay by the hour – hours are recorded on a shared spreadsheet so you can keep track of costs. During the initial briefing I will give you an outline of estimated hours for each stage.
Paying a flat fee – 50% deposit is required.


This stage is vital for creating a successful design. I will need to research your company, competing brands and the intended audience.

Initial concepts

The fun begins… developing ideas and producing the initial visuals.


Here’s your chance to review the draft designs and give me your feedback.

Revise & Refine

Armed with your feedback I will improve the designs, fix any errors and fine tune the visuals.
Depending on how complex the project is we may need a few more rounds of feedback to get the designs close to the final stage.

Final Designs Produced

The final design will be sent to you for review. A few minor tweaks may be needed to complete the final version.

Design Approval

Once you’re happy with the final design, I’ll be on hand to help you implement it and available with guidance should you need it.

Final Payment

I’ll send you an itemised invoice which can be paid by bank transfer, paypal or with a credit or debit card via my website.

Design Files Delivered

I will upload the design files to dropbox or a similar platform so you have these for future use.